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A Health and Work-Life balance conscious personal training service focused on coaching, accountability, guidance and support. Catering to those who require a more mature experienced personal trainer, who is understanding and adaptable to your work-life stresses. Offering a very different holistic approach to your goals long-term, and all delivered in a 100% private one-on-one studio in the heart of Crows Nest, Sydney.

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Top 10 Testimonials

I’ve known Paul for some time from his martial arts background and have trained with him a few months. The studio is private, the session is private, and he’s clearly put a great deal of TLC into the experience a client will have before, during and after their session (30 mins). He’s got an evidence based approach to your workout, and is constantly checking in on you over a range of points.

What makes Paul different? This is NOT just going to a PT in my view, this is learning a system of PT, that combines a range of traditional and modern regimes, techniques, and programs, underscored by Paul’s interests and alignment to traditional chinese medicine/qigong/health theory (which will include some chinese tea after training...). That then forms the basis of his very practical tips and info which he sends you once or so a week. This is nothing to be intimidated by - straightforward, makes sense, and he talks you through it during his very professional onboarding session.
— Stephen J King
I started training with Paul when I was pregnant and it was such a relief to continue being fit and active with confidence.

I trained with Paul right up to the week I went to hospital and when I felt ready, I was happy to return so I could work on getting my strength and fitness levels back. My daughter is now 11 months old and it’s great that I can take her to my PT sessions at Imperial which are private - she loves the upbeat music and is happy watching me train.

Paul has also helped me put together a program that I can work on at home (which incorporates my daughter!) and has shown me ways to relieve/roll out problem areas. Love the holistic approach and highly recommend Paul!
— Millicent Myers
Paul has helped push me to limits that I never thought possible. His encouragement and motivation pushed me to become passionate about running (at least not hating it), and his dedication pushed us to complete a half marathon together. A first for both of us. As much as I wanted to give up along the way, Paul was there every step, mentally and physically pushing me to keep going. Looking back, you can see the pain on my face, and the now token smile on Paul’s, but it has become one of my proudest achievements.

His normally quiet and reserved demeanor, and the token smile have earnt him the nicknames; the Silent and/or Smiling Assassin. Either way, Paul is there to push you to your limits and beyond. It is that perfect balance of “you got this” and “what the hell are you doing, it’s only an extra 20 kilos?!?!” that make him the spectacular trainer he is. Despite my goal of wanting to hit a 450kg on the leg press, Paul’s belief and motivation pushed me beyond that to the 500 mark.

I have been able to send a number of friends, family and colleagues to him, all of whom love it and love training with Paul. Since the Half Marathon I have seen him at nearly every run that I do; always willing to make the effort and be there to run with his clients. He is up for just about any challenge, and although he may run at his own pace now (and absolutely flog us), he gets to the end and is there to make sure you make everyone crosses the line.
— Cameron Ellis
Paul is a very dedicated trainer who listens to his customers needs and goals. He does not try to put them into a box like other trainers. I came to Paul to develop my leg and core strength for cycling races and correct muscle imbalances. His strength plan helped me get on the podium more times that ever before!
— Robin Vandekreeke
I trained with Paul for a lot longer than I ever expected. An 18 month journey which is a testament to his manner and ability to make me feel good and learn about myself and nutrition and what does and does not work for me. I would recommend Paul to anyone who wants to change their life and have a positive, delightful, often funny, trainer/mentor in their life.
— Bonny Bayne
I have trained with Paul for over five years and had an absolutely great experience. As a result of this experience five work colleagues also trained with Paul. Why? Paul cares about you. He worked on a tailored plan that suited each individual and provided a ‘wholistic’ approach that factored in what was happening at work and home.

The sessions with Paul provided a total break from the work world and provided that much needed balance. He also enabled us to achieve great results. No doubt he is the ‘Smiling Assassin’ but he is very present and calming. No matter how fit or unfit you are Paul will help you achieve your goals...and a lot more.
— Malcolm Grimmond
Paul’s the best PT. He is thoughtful, well versed in the body and how everything is connected and takes a holistic, individual approach to helping you get results. He won’t yell at you (if like me you hate it), but he will push you and push you hard. It’s a pleasure to wake up before dawn and be tortured by Paul - I know it’s absolutely worth it!
— Nicki Dewhurst
Paul’s professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment and dedication to his work and ultimately his clients makes him an exceptional trainer. His workouts are intense, always challenging and pushing me to my limits - even the “stretching sessions” at the end of my workout. He seems to make every workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! His encouragement and motivation have helped me achieve my personal goals.

He was there providing support throughout my half marathon training- can’t say I enjoyed my sprint sessions over the bridge and his constant demands for me “ to keep going”... But it definitely helped improve my time on the day and achieve a personal best. Besides his passion for the health and fitness needs of his clients, he is a gentleman and a friend. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer!!
— Anabela Campbell
I have been training with Paul on and off for the last 6 years, he has always focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging with a little bit of fun mixed in. Imperial’s 5 Element Concept really resonates with me to ensure balance in all aspects of life.

So, when my work schedule is unpredictable at best, Paul’s continuous motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach keeps me coming back session after session.

Not to mention Paul has always been able to push me to achieve results in every session even with my low blood pressure, hyper-mobility and random vasovagal syncope episodes. I would always recommend Paul to anyone looking for a personal trainer!
— Teagan Joel
I have trained with Paul for over five years. Paul is an experienced PT, but it’s not just that that made the tenure of our professional relationship so successful. Paul is a lateral thinker, his approach is holistic, he understands that no one element can be addressed (or a goal achieved) in isolation, without the consideration of all other potential relative and influencing factors. This makes such a difference, I feel like I am understood; and a reasonable, individualized program is developed that supports me in achieving my goals. Paul sets you up to succeed, and in all his transactions - always acts with integrity.

Imperial Health and Fitness is the perfect private set-up, where you have specific, individualized access to Paul’s expertise through training and guidance during sessions. Paul uses specific individual techniques to help me achieve my goals taking into account historical injuries, and implementing a program that focuses on postural correction and muscular balance.

Paul is invested and interested in seeing his clients achieve their goals, although he pushes me to my limits, I always feel safe. I trust Paul’s experience and long term commitment to my safety and injury prevention.
— Sarah Leggott