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Paul Nomchong is a certified and accredited personal trainer by the Australian Institute of Fitness (St Leonards) and has maintained registration with Fitness NSW since 2007.

He spent the first 5 years of his career as a sole-trading “mobile” personal trainer traveling to client’s homes and local parks, gym supervision conducting postural and fitness assessments and individual fitness programming and running group exercise circuit and boxing classes. The second half of his career led him to work for a well known personal training company specializing in the coaching of nutrition and exercise.

Combining his 12+ years of experience as a “mobile” PT and as a PT within a team environment and culture, he has acquired a diverse skill set from:-

·         Nutritional coaching and guidance for those seeking Fat loss, Muscle gain and Sports specific disciplines.

·         Specific Strength and Fitness training for 1st time to competitive runners, cyclists, swimmers and iron-man.

·         Overall Work-life Balance management for busy corporate workers and CEOs managing their 12-16hr days and weekly work travels.

·         Pre-wedding for determined women wanting to look their absolute best for their special day.

·       Pre and Post Pregnancy carefully supporting women in strengthening their body to assist in coping and recovery. Note: Qualifications have been attained through the Preggi Bellies exercise program.

·         Post-Op Rehab and Injury programs working together with other health professionals (doctors, physios, chiros) for all ages wanting to get back on their feet or even climb mountains like Kilimanjaro.

· Arthritis and Musculoskeletal exercise support and guidance as a part of your healthcare team (GP, Rheumatologist, Occupational Therapist, etc), all in the promotion of living a better functioning and quality life.

·       Postural Assessment and Corrective programs addressing imbalances in the body to correct structural alignment for functional everyday and load bearing movement. Providing ongoing strength based training complimentary to and after Chiro and Physio treatments.


Paul has developed his own unique eye for detail and approach when dealing with clients through his study of Chinese Martial Arts since 1995. This particular system called Choy Lee Fut (Chan Family Lineage) incorporates not only the external side of Kung Fu but also the internal side of Lohan Qigong (the origin of Taichi). These two influences have given Paul a unique skill set which complements his western knowledge and experience of health and fitness.

Within his journey of this traditional Chinese martial art, Paul has taught and continues to teach adult and children’s classes at various locations around Sydney and was fortunate to train the Royal NSW Lancers Army Reserves over a 12 month period. He has assisted and held national and international Kung Fu seminars in Hawaii, Spain, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile and Poland, with 20-250 participants at a time. He became the head instructor of the Choy Lee Fut Sydney School in 2010 and the official director in 2014.


An interview with Personal Trainer Paul Nomchong

Click to view Paul’s Qualifications and Fields of Study

Click to view Paul’s Qualifications and Fields of Study