Why Choose Imperial?


Imperial Health & Fitness Studio’s vision is to help others find their own path to happiness, wealth and longevity using four key personal training service attributes - Experience, Understanding, Adaptability and Partnership.

Experience is the key to Imperial’s foundation and is foremost the main difference to many other personal training services. 12 years ago, the career life span of a personal trainer was 18 months to 2 years, today it is 6 months. With all the many factors and variables to consider in your health and fitness, why would you choose to put your life in the hands of “inexperience”?

Through Paul’s 10+ years face to face industry experience, he is understanding towards his client’s work-life stresses, enabling him to be adaptable to client situations, and know that their success only comes through a partnership. By using the 5 Element Concept as a coaching platform, clients will be equipped to achieve whatever their goals may be.

Watch this Seated Exercise Video (1of3) for Sedentary Work-Lifestyle Balance

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The “Wu Xing” or “Ng Hang” means 5 elements or moving star and is used in traditional Chinese fields of cosmology, medicine, feng shui, etc, to explain a wide array of phenomena. The general idea is that these 5 elements are connected and interact with each other. Paul has adapted this concept into western health and fitness terms as an educational platform to give a clear structure or plan to follow in order to live a better and longer life.

In Paul’s professional experience, he has witnessed many individuals focusing on only a few aspects of leading a healthier, fitter or stronger life, but there is always something missing or out of balance. Imperial’s 5 Element Concept is the combination of east meets west, giving you a tool to utilize and knowledge to implement to create the balanced life you want and need.

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