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A welcoming professional service of an experienced personal trainer within your own 100% private studio is the most important foundation for positive change. The long term negative effects towards your work-life balance are due to stressful work and personal commitments, potentially long working hours, which increase your mental and physical demands.

Clients will experience a balanced look, feel, sound and smell of the physical studio combined with Paul’s genuine presence. Learning to achieve balance can only be achieved within a balanced environment. Imperial is here for those who want a less confronting and more personal approach rather than a chaotic and crowded gym.

PT sessions run for 30mins which include a tailored strength program with postural correction and balance work, work-life coaching with a focus on nutritional education and habits, a stretching routine at the end of the session to target problematic areas to increase overall movement and functionality, and finishing with a cup of Chinese tea to help with your metabolism and keep the mind calm and focused for the day.

With day time sessions, a 100% Private Studio and lift access to level 3, Imperial offers a hassle free option for any mothers with a baby, who seek a comfortable space to focus on their well-being and exercise while in the presence of their bundle of joy.

Note: Qualifications attained through the Preggi Bellies exercise program.


Watch this Seated Exercise Video (2of3) for Sedentary Work-Lifestyle Balance


The Chinese 3 Lucky Star Gods


Fu, Lu, Shou denote the 3 attributes of a good life. Happiness, Wealth and Longevity. These 3 attributes are the life goals that Imperial promotes within the service along with adapting Imperial’s 5 Element Concept.

Below are 3 different PT packs named after the 3 Lucky Star Gods to choose from to suit your goals and needs. The duration of the packs are for 5 weeks, which gives you enough time to experience the program, create a weekly habit to feel and see results. 5 weeks is not too long, too short or too demanding when starting out or trying to fit in within your weekly work-life schedule.

Regardless of which of the 3 “5 Week PT Packs” you choose, the program, educational content and personal training service remain the same. From your weekly personal training sessions to educational messages and videos following the 5 Element Concept, to the “check-in” messages to see how your tracking each week.

Imperial_Lu_Fu_Shou.personal trainer crows nest.jpg

Chinese Lion Dance at the Grand Opening


“Happiness Pack”

Choosing 1 x PT session per week will give you a piece of “Happiness” because you have taken the first step towards accountability by seeing a personal trainer on a weekly basis. Let the coaching begin.


“Wealth Pack”

Choosing 2 x PT sessions per week will enrich the functionality and quality of your life like gaining “Wealth”. It is not until we commit to something that we find its value.


“Longevity Pack”

Choosing 3 x PT sessions per week will create a consistent habit which will increase all benefits and set you on the path of “Longevity”. Consistency is an important key to setting routine and long term success.

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